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by Bound

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thegreatzimm I’m hooked. Great arrangements. A soundtrack for our times. Favorite track: The Last Time We Were All Together.
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birdistheword Where am I, in the motional setting & feedbackdriven dreamsphere in Dan Swanö's first Nightingale "The breathing shadow"? But here and there a famous anarchic Satyricon-battery... but most of all Leipzigs Dark Suns - how paradox! Bound's staying unique with this melange.
I was never there, Bound is a reason, because -one last more comparison- Reykjavíks Kontinuum & british Anathema shake hands in Washington DC. A compendium of melancholic rain drops... Holy moly, huge...
Akira Watts
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Akira Watts Such a beautiful mix of delicate wistfullness and crushing intensity, executed perfectly. Favorite track: The Ward.
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It’s burning all the time Through tenements and hillsides, blowing Heirlooms on the wall Hurtle down the hallway headlong To my heart A piano plays the part Over and over It won’t stop But from the pit of loss Returned to us Part of who we were Who are we now? From the fighters to the sea Far away, but something follows me As I go from the ring to the wild I call out at the top of my lungs And in the bellows I can hear my soul Through the bellows I have seen all On the pyre Consumed by fire
The Ward 05:58
You’ll be alright Through the night You’ll be alright Through the night We’ll pretend, override our dread We’ll pretend, underwrite our words Breathe again Hold the sea Stop, repeat The sight of the white and the lights Breathe again Bite our tongues Fill the lungs The scent of the bleach and the blood Breathe again A soiled clean A shroud and screen The feel of the steel and the sheets Breathe again The taste of the slop and the sweat Breathe again And wait We’ll pretend, override our dread We’ll pretend till it ends As we see through again Who’ll be alright Past the waiting It’s a long way down
Cross the middle Roam the divide Know where not why No remittal There is hereby Pass blind-eyed Through the limbo On roads that tie A distance implied Ford the river Drink not; go by Know two sides Focus on the end Cross the middle Roam the divide Where liminal lies Through the limbo But for chance, go I So I... Focus on the end But why not just veer in? What if it held here In known unknown The means becomes an end And I forget This space can be a friend
In the breast of the beast of burden now Here, perpetual Tiny engines toil in soil In this field of stones And below Pale and pink reincarnations White chrysanthemums Soldier on past the mourning glory As narcissi subside Beat on this heart Set the pace to the wars of the roses Till the flesh is gone And the last spark fades
I’ll stay a while While the laughter fills my body I’ll stay a while In the night Everyone here In the hallways of our always Safe in the walls of our now I’ll stay a while Because something portends This is a memory already Before it ends How many more times left In the well of what is thereof If it will ever happen again All that we had, all that we shared We were all We were all No empty chairs, nothing prepared We were all altogether I see the moment We couldn’t know it As all those words fell off our tongues It’s not like asking When was the last time we were young Out of thin air I see us there We were all We were all All that we had All that we shared For the last time We were all – All together Dozens of ornate clocks on the mantle Stopped at every possible time Every place packed full because we save it Panels and combs and perfume Rings like anchors Stop and burn it into my mind Carry my part of the weight that we gave it Magnify the inside Cover all this Tend the vines Turn blood into wine Wade through the decline now to claim it There on both sides of the road In the ditch at the station
The Lot 04:04 video
Here we are again And I’m older now than they were then I guess it’s easy now to see I understand And that should make it go away But it strains contact In this family tree Often all that I see is a small referee From my earliest memories Force me back; drag me over And when I take the stand, I say All present now is past Then as now, we find It’s too late to stop The betrayals underway Or the legs of the boy That were held as he walked away A gun, a bat – tires slashed A bleak vacant lot An exchange with police Pushing locks on the door Turning wheels that I won’t release Fear it; hold it over me Let it hang there Like we’re all back there Back in the mire, unreconciled Back when everyone was a child Who can’t understand So let’s throw a fit and disrupt the whole shit And somehow think that it’s fine But it strains contact Over and over it falls on my shoulders And shatters and showers us all with the scourings now My whole damn life Gather the pieces and patterns Just flatter the actor Because some things still matter No matter how old we get
This is going once And on and on again And then complain What is old enough To circulate again Can’t talk fast enough Through boxes full of other people’s lives All are going once They’re mine But how would I know Some are things that we need I just follow This is going once Off the map And off the books in time Can’t go soon enough A restive one confined There is room enough Economy of glass And scraps and smoke Time moves slow enough But there was more to know
On the lines Out where they laid these ties Don’t know where these old ones go The lines we toe On the lines, the path through the pines, walking blind Disappear and lie low The lines we had held defined And all the lines that had to be followed They are here and ours now In lines we have around our eyes
Out in the smoke, adrift Over the ground, wholly Off in the known elsewhere All of a life, a dream Now a ghost is the only one Who resides here in the only home that I know It’s a firebrand abandoned now These old walls crumbled to make the sand Where I stand And new facades Rise up to find the sun From the wild I return to what made my heart And I start to haunt


For those who linger



released October 1, 2020

The night of the full Harvest Moon.
The start of the haunting season.

via Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton Records


"Washington, D.C.’s Bound appeared to come out of nowhere in 2018 with No Beyond, an album so fully-realized that many observers noted it’s hard to believe it could be a debut. In truth, the band members had long toiled together in secret to create what the Washington Post called 'a solemn, spacious debut forged inside a circle of trust,' PopMatters called 'impressive and ambitious,' and Orlando Weekly called 'practically post-everything…a complex fog of slow-breath mood and bottomless, elegant melancholy.' Deftly melding elements from shoegaze, post-rock, doom, goth and more into something greater than the sum of its parts, No Beyond seems to emerge from a mist. Their sophomore effort Haunts, on the other hand, seems to rise from the very ground.

"Haunts shows the considerable expansion of the band’s conceptual foundation in the two years since No Beyond. Thematically, it’s an exploration of place, in both a tangible and abstract sense. Sonically, its staggering beauty and surprising accessibility belie a dark heart and a constant inclination toward the off-kilter.

"Presented as a series of vignettes in one unbroken, circular composition, the album tells deeply personal, often disquieting stories of places where formative life events occurred – and the pull that those places still exert. Further rooting the songs, each is marked with sounds of objects taken directly from its origin. In some cases, these were brought to the studio and worked into the recording; in others, the recording itself was done at the source of inspiration. The point, however, isn’t really for the origins to be revealed. Rather, it’s to strengthen the sense of place for the artist, and in turn invite the listener to create their own connections rooted in their own experiences.

"There’s a deepening and multiplying of the sonic roots put down on No Beyond. On the whole, Haunts is simultaneously more muscular and more experimental. Its dense, baroque arrangements and aural easter eggs reward repeated listens. And while the '-gaze' and 'post-' influences seem to remain, Bound’s approach to any genre element is undeniably singular. There’s a soft-loud dynamic that almost melts together, becoming a hypnotic force that envelops and holds you. The ethereal quality of the vocal harmonies, layered guitars, and subtly ever-present synthesizers swirl together in spellbinding fashion, united by a rhythm section that patiently yields the way when called for and bursts forth explosively when the time is right. Somehow, amid layers of sound often so otherworldly, you can almost smell the dirt, taste the blood, and touch the pavement.

"One of the striking things about Bound – something that has distinguished them since first releasing No Beyond – is their ability to grasp the value of patience in songwriting. The compositions never insist upon themselves; instead, they display an impressive confidence, a willingness to take the appropriate time to build and bloom into something truly stunning – or unsettling. It’s because of this that Bound’s music is able to have a darkly angelic, impressionistic quality while maintaining an accessible clarity, both in sound and purpose.

"Haunts represents the next step in Bound’s creation of their own distinct canvas, one that’s both boldly unique and remarkably approachable. And like the formative places and ghosts of the past that built these songs, it will stay with you long after it’s over."

— David Zeidler, Young Epoch



Engineered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
Mixed by Will Benoit at The Radar Studio *
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Produced by Bryan Buchanan
Art and design by Trish Harris

All music written and performed by Bound

Bound is:
Kotu Bajaj – bass
Bryan Buchanan – guitars, vocals †
Trish Harris – synths, vocals ‡
Dan Richardson – drums, electronics

* additional engineering – tracks 4, 5
† field recording – tracks 1, 4, 5, 9; auxiliary percussion – tracks 1, 3-5, 7-9; harmonica – track 5; banjo – track 8
‡ piano – track 1


Band photo: Farrah Skeiky – farrahskeiky.com


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all rights reserved



Bound Washington, D.C.

The sound of everything rushing back at once, receding as fast as it came, and leaving more to linger. The story of how we're bound, for better or worse.

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