No Beyond

by Bound

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Uvaozio Great surprise. Post-rock meets shoegaze building sad and comforting tunes. I love Bound Favorite track: Now That It's Over.
Agent K
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Agent K Bound covers a lot of musical genres within their aural soundscapes.
Something for Gazers/Post-Metal/Rockers.
Extremely Atmospheric material moving from surreal to full on power all within the sonic fabric of each tune.
Compelling & stunning song composition.
This is one to play from go all the way through.
A nice pair of headphones will help illuminate the nuances contained in this set.
Ethereal Boy/Girl vocal harmonies are heavenly.
A Standout for any genre for best of 2018! Favorite track: Company.
My Album of the year 2018
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released April 20, 2018

Bound is:
Kotu Bajaj - bass
Dan Richardson - drums
Trish Harris - keys, backing vocals
Bryan Buchanan - guitar, vocals

All music written and performed by Bound
Engineered and mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side
Produced by Bryan Buchanan

Art and design by Trish Harris

2018 Diehard Skeleton Records


all rights reserved



Bound Washington, D.C.

The sound of everything rushing back at once, receding as fast as it came, and leaving more to linger. The story of how we're bound, for better or worse.

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Track Name: Only Us
Autumn's over
Friends have come and gone
We're still holding fast
Before the dawn
Face to face
No fate or faith to trust
There is no beyond
It's all only us

And though the water may fill our eyes
We burn inside
Arise and take the night
Track Name: Sow the Salt
The lost and found are scattered
On this ground
By and by
We ossify
From the middle
You can’t see the bounds
It’s the sky
The growth has clothed
Let us rest our bones
Buried all
And sowed the salt
Now it’s clear
Where all things go
From here
It’s the sod

The road is long
Those days seem far
Another life
And yet
What’s back there
It's all right here
Lost in time

Round and around this race
The pull of this place

We fly – and salt this town dry
Track Name: Currents
I am way out
Way out of what I know
It may now show
But I know
I've been way out
Way out of line
And time
It overflows
And I know
It happens that I'm here
Out in the deep
Because the current caught
No choice and no design
A circumstance
No matter what I find
It happens that it is the way it is
Because I always am
Performing what I must
While I pretend
It begins again
Each time it ends
And I intend to trust
But I am way out
Way out of what I know
It may now show
But I know
Track Name: Hold
Only sometimes
There's a glimmer there
But it's enough to hold us here
And only always
I fear I could have done more
After all the cost that's sunk

It makes you want
It pulls you under
Holding the hope till it's gone
It may be already over
But it makes you want
Always wonder
Holding a heart for too long
Deep in the throes
Never closer
To the things you hold
Track Name: A Way
What's enough
To offer of ourselves
Where's the bluff
The chance for something else

Try to count the raindrops
The over-under
Try to find a way
Rise, stand and falter
Hold on longer
To devise a way
A way we go

Find me at the table
Pretend we're able
To define a way
Try to split the wager
A safer danger
As we find a way
A way we go
Track Name: Weathering
The eastern summer rain
Falling down
In every small, familiar space
Finding the lowest place
Like darkness deep in me
That crept into you
How so sure
Of this stranger I now find
Across geologic time
In the eastern summer rain
I knew you
I feel what I need to prove
Following westward moves
In knots
No matter what
It's never too much
I'm still there
I keep what we used to swear
It must be under there
Under the city lights
Standing out
In the eastern summer rain
Freezing in the cracks again
Track Name: Company
I've never seen you before
But you’ve come here to haunt me
Sleep and wake with me
Linger but say nothing
I know you're not real
Most of the time
And most times
There is only you
But it's only me
And everything that I was

Unsettling company, but company
When I'm old
And the world has fallen away
The flashing screen
The news that I can't read
Won’t change it
Or take me back in time
I’m bound to this chair
I can’t run you off
Uninvited guest

We say that it's all
But it's always
Track Name: Pillars
Slow down
We’re too far
The light's lost in pillars of cloud
But nothing can change
What's happening now
Not might
Not know-how

Hold on
For how long
"Now you stay right here, son"
Past all the faith in the world
We arrive
At the turn of the tide

It happens now
And I...
I know that things won't be the same
Here again
It happens now
And I know
This is the last glance
Before the unknown
Track Name: Now That It's Over
Drifting out
On the wake
Of all that’s passed
It’s the fog that lasts
Now that it’s over
No more plans
No one knows
What is allowed
Silence now
Things that we shoulder

It seems to come again
In every fleeting sunrise
It’s as true now as it was then
All that’s new is all that was

So we go…

Looking back
The truth won’t volunteer
It’s no more clear
Now that it’s over
All it takes is that which can’t be done
We won’t outrun
Only grow older

Accession makes us free
As the sea
As the sky
An endless goodbye

Memories depend on where we are
And just how far
From when it was closer
Does it matter
What we claim or disavow
Now that’s it’s over

We are all of why

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